Make it pure, make it last

I know most people fall into 2 categories: those who make New Year’s resolutions and those who get a rash when you even mention them.

I get both sides and I’m such a smart and annoying person who will say “I don’t make resolutions, I have objectives”.

Well, not this year. Sort of. What I want to do this year is to declutter and purify.

I don’t mean decluttering my apartment (although I know it would be a great idea) but my head.

Getting rid of bad emotions and stopping the train of thoughts just for a while is so liberating yet so difficult. That’s what I’m aiming for (not stopping my thoughts those can be useful sometimes), of course it would be great to get rid of all unnecessary stuff like too much clothes or clean up diet but I’m somehow convinced it all can fall into place once your head is ready.

I’m waiting for spring, for days to become longer and light to become warmer. For now I’m just hiding under my warm hat, warm blanket holding a cup of warm (rice) milk or glass of wine. I’m not waiting in vain, I’m planning, doing, swiping the remains of the 2016 and looking out for magnolias to bloom.

I don’t know where you live but for me when magnolias are in full bloom it’s the sign of rebirth. Each year I wait for them and eventually they arrive. Nope, I don’t sleep and wait for them, that would be terribly romantic of me. I have to be dead honest with you, being romantic is something completely different than waiting for the flowers.

Keep your fingers crossed for me so I arrive safe&sound to the day magnolias will bloom.



Should you run even if you’re not motivated?

I see quite often articles about how to find your motivation to move. It seems like is so hard to find it you should buy books, listen to podcasts,music and sound advices to get it. And then you should do things you don’t want to.

The situation is different when you already run/swim/bike or do triathlon. Sometimes you’re just tired or stressed or you’ve trained too much. The day is not right, the light either. And shoes. Because shoes. Once it passes you’ll be back because you like it or love it. Of course it can happen that you won’t come back but it’s just the sign that it wasn’t meant to be, not not or ever.

Now we come to the situation when you’ve never run before but you think you should. Health, happiness, medal, few pounds down: it all makes you think that you should do it.
Well, it’s tricky.

Personally I think falling in love with running is not immediate.

There’s a chance you won’t like running.
And it’s ok. Running is not the most effective way to keep yourself fit. It’s the activity of your choice. I strongly believe everyone has it but maybe not everyone knows it. Look for it, try different things. It could be walking, cross fit, weight lifting, swimming or even zumba. Well..I’d give swimming a go before going to zumba but it’s your choice.


The secret of the perfect marathon

I’ve been away for a while…I was quite busy with , my training, complaining about my training and wondering why my training is going so bad.
When it came to the race day it all went marvellous. Ok, almost, but it was 96% great and I had my (unexpected) PR so I shouldn’t complain.
My 13th marathon (Venice Marathon) went great: the weather was perfect, I wanted to pee just for the first 10 km , I liked the views all the way and even that I started to feel tired at the 35 km I really didn’t care. Probably because I really enjoyed everything. Well, the nagging pain in my right shin was the only cloud on the sky but I decided to go on.
3h45min, I still look at this result like it was someone else’s but after 2 weeks from the race I have to recognise (with pride) that yes, it’s mine and I made it.



This was one of the few perfect races that I had in my short running career and I wondered why. Well, PR. Of course it’s not compulsory but it helps.

*Don’t stress too much.*

It’s not that you shouldn’t care but I noticed that I perform better when I’m focused and ready to do my best but PR is not crucial for me. Like few years ago during my Rome Marathon I wanted to run well but I knew that the course is too demanding to run fast. And every time I wanted to beat my own record I was so concentrated on the pace that I got myself dehydrated.

*Trust your training*

My training for this marathon was far from perfect. I put on all the miles, I ran all the long runs but it wasn’t always the perfect pace and I had to handle different personal issues. I was exhausted from travelling, moving and it was hard to tell where it was all going. My pace and mood were all over the place and even running wasn’t helping (though having a scheldue was). Still, I did my homework. Once you did everything you possibly could with the time and energy you had you shouldn’t be to hard on yourself. Just be faithful that all the miles and all the foam rolling, abs and carbo loading didn’t go to waste. Everything else is beyond you so don’t worry.

*Prepare, prepare, prepare and when in trouble: improvise*

You should do whatever you can to be prepared so you can feel comfortable. Training,clothes, gels, hydration: prepare it all. Then remember that you can expect everything from a marathon. Still, the improvisation is the privilege of those who studied more than the others. Be focused, determined, don’t give up but be prepared to accept what the day gives you.


…and have some fun. It’s only running.

what to do when your training sucks

Honestly: you tell me.

I really tried to do my best and train seriously but the results were quite miserable. You want to know my excuses?

First it was hot, extremely hot. And humid. One cannot expect to perform well when it’s that hot. It’s even safer to slow down and to lower your expectations.

Then I finally moved (#Londoncalling) and it was pure hell and emotional rollercoaster even if most of the things were done for me. Yes, I’m a drama queen.

Then I was finally in London but just for few days and then I went for holidays. Again: hot, humid, sea and holidays. I ran but hey, you can’t stress yourself too much on holidays, right?

And I finally came back to London where temperature is perfect for summer training (it’s rubbish for anything else to be honest). And finally I had perfect conditions to run and zero excuses. You know what I discovered?

If you really want to you can find excuses anyway. Story of my life.

I’m slower here than I was in Milan with higher temperature and humidity (it’s humid here as well but let’s not get dramatic again). I really can’t explain it. I eat well, I rarely drink (maybe that’s the key!) and I sleep a lot. Still, I’m much slower. I suffer on my long runs, mentally and physically (piriformis and IT band are killing me a bit).

What the hell? Marathon is coming and I’m so not ready. Let’s make some good resolutions for August: what blogs are for? You write stuff in public so you feel obligated.


At least try to aim the pace, don’t give up just because


Do the necessary excercises for legs and glutes


Foam rolling: it really helps.


Just remember you have marathon coming so suck it up.

And last and the most cheesy one: be grateful, you can run.

tired of music during your workouts? Try podcasts!

I don’t listen to music when I run. I wondered why that is so I tried for 5 min this morning during my usual workout and it wasn’t a good idea: my heart was pumping like I was about to have a heart attack (I’m so emotional…). That’s what probably people have in mind when they say that listening to the music breaks your natural rhythm. Still, I don’t like to run in complete silence. If you’re like me or you like to use the time you spend on your workout to listen to something fun or informative then you should try podcasts.

I like themes like sports and fitness so many of the podcasts I listen to regularly are about running or well being but not only. I decided to recommend to you 2 sports related and 3 random podcasts.


Coffee with Crachel

I came to know Rachel and her boyfriend Chris through her Youtube channel. I wasn’t that intrerested in the beauty content but she struck me as a very funny, ironic and opinionated person. Recently she and Chris decided to start their own podcast about coffee, living in Seattle and many more. It’s hard to define this podcast but they’re both hilarious and witty. Just give it a go.


Off camera

it’s the most tranquil of the three but yet the most inspiring of them. San Jones is a photographer and director who after years of making photos (and friends) of the celebrities (mainly actors) he decided to start a series of interviews with actors, directors and many other personalities. At first thought it would be too…normal to accompany my runs but it became great companions of my long runs. Some celebrities really surprised me, some of them I discovered thanks to this podcast.


Answer me this.

Ollie and Helen are real professionals (of comedy) who are ready to reply even most absurd question. Ok, some of them are not absurd, maybe a bit unusual.

Just send it to them and maybe your question will get picked. It’s the personalities of the hosts  that makes this podcast special.


Rich Roll Podcast

This podcast is quite popular so maybe you already know it. If not, you definitely should. Rich Roll is a vegan athlete, entrepreneur, author of two books. He often invites other vegan athletes but also ex-addicts, motivational speakers, doctors and in general people with great stories to tell. I always have impression that Roll wants to learn from these conversations as much as he wants his listeners to learn.


Ben Coomber Radio

This is the right podcast if you want a good advice on your fitness routine and nutrition. Ben likes to dive into different trends from paleo to vegan to find because there’s something useful in every approach as long as it’s not extreme. Just like Rich Roll he invites different guests and once in a while he dedicates an entire episode for Q&As to which he replies with his co-host, Rachel Ray. I personally think it’s one of the few so ‘balanced’ fitness podcasts with a host who doesn’t claim to have the only valid opinion.


I hope you liked my recommendations, if you have your favourites please let me know.


best things in life aren’t things


Yesterday morning I went for a short run. I had to wake up quite early (for my standards) and although I woke up fairly easily my legs didn’t collaborate. I was too sleepy to dwell too much on this but still I wasn’t very happy with my pace.

Later that day, I realised that that was my third day in a row of consecutive workouts. The day before I ran, two days before I rode 100km on my road bike. So on third day I was a bit tired, achy (of course stretching is the first thing I’ll skip #guiltteam).

I took my Training Diary and I looked up what I was doing exactly the year before. I was running few times a week for about half an hour as I was fresh out of serious injury. My body was getting used to effort and it was rebelling against me. Big time.

Running, training injury free is a gift. Or maybe it’s a thing you must work hard to achieve. Either way, once you’re in a injury free zone be happy, appreciate it, celebrate it with an easy run, rest day, yoga session, bowl of fruits or a nice glass of great wine. I’m really good when it comes to ‘celebrate ideas’, let me know if you need some more.

While I’m writing this I’m on a sofa trying to have a moment for myself after a bit hectic day. My living room is even more messy than usual because I’m preparing for a move to London and we have to gather in one place all the bits and bobs. As a result we live in total chaos for few days just transport the mess to the new apartment. Don’t get me wrong, my middle name is Mess, so I don’t feel totally bad with it but I feel a bit overwhelmed. You can’t buy this feeling of carelessness when your biggest dilemma is what’s for dinner.

There are some things in life that make it whole or just better. It’s a puzzle and sometimes I don’t even realise it’s there. Hey, I’m not saying money is not important. It just falls into different category.

It was inevitable, this post is extremely cheesy. I’ll post something serious and professional next time.

Checking in_ how I’m doing?

Instead of telling you who I am and why I want to create my blog I’d better give you some insight on where I am at the moment and what is happening in my life. Everything else will come as I tell my story. That’s what I imagine is ‘hit the ground running’ means.

I’m currently in Milan. In about month I’ll be moving to London (don’t even get me started on weather situation) to start my life there all over again.

Scary? Exciting? Both. I guess I’m getting older because I think more often about scary parts instead of exciting bits. I tell myself I have to move: mentally and phisically. Once you feel too comfortable for too long it’s time for a change.

I can’t wait to discover London. I’ve been there few times but it’s a completely different story one you live somewhere. I haven’t told you I love travelling. I hope to travel more in the next months and I’d love to tell you about it.

Last week I came back from a week long trip to London, more like a house-hunting expedition. I mean, you have to live somewhere, right? I used that time to go for a few runs in Regent’s Park. Have I told you I love running? I do and every time I arrive at a new destination I have to find out where to run. You’ll definitely find a lot about running on this blog (spoiler alert, sorry not sorry).

Another thing I can’t live (at least live well) without is travelling. I like going to new places or coming back to places I know but I dread the travel itself: getting to the airport, train station ecc. I wish  tele transportation existed. No, Star Trek is not a real thing.

We already have Siri and other weird and somewhat not useful stuff so teletransportation should have been invented by now.
My iPod is the only thing that saves me during a travel, my Kindle app to be exact. At the moment I’m reading Elena Ferrante “Storia del nuovo cogome” (“The story of the New Name”) and an exert of “Shoe dog” by Phil Knight which is a memoir of the creator of Nike. I’ll think I’ll buy the book, it surprisingly well written (a lot of sports related books are laking of style IMHO).

That’s it for now, I don’t want to overthink my first post, the guy who sells me produce at the local market says ‘don’t think, the more you think the worse you choose’. He meant peaches. No depth intended.

Flower In Bottle

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