Where to run: London

While you’re reading this I’m in London,surprisingly not to run a race.

But I always pack a pair of running shoes when I’m traveling so why not tell you of my favorite places to run when I’m in London?

Little Venice and Grand Union Canal

My adventure with running started with Naviglio Canal in Milan and since then I love running while having water in sight. I don’t know what it is, a park won’t do it for me. Give me a canal and I’ll run for miles. That’s why Grand Union Canal will always be my first choice when running in London.

Grand Union Canal starts in London and finishes in Birmingham, take a run or a walk along it, you’ll see birds and boats where people live permanently. It’s an easy city escape when the city seems too busy for you!

Regents Park is in the central London and although I don’t like running in parks this one is big enough to makes you forget you’re running in one.

Plus you’ll find a canal even there! It’s a part of Grand Union Canal of course so you might start there and continue your run. Another attraction is London’s Zoo, the first time I was running past it I didn’t know it so once the animals started to scream I almost had a heart attack.

Tracks (for example Paddington recreation ground)

I hate track. When I do my intervals I’m a bit stressed but when I’m running somewhere outside of track I’m not that stressed about it like when I’m running on track. Clear, right?

Track means business (read: speedwork), you don’t venture on a track when you want to stroll or jog (although once I saw a mom with a stroller on a track, jogging. True story). Sometimes though track is necessary so if you’re looking for one, London is plenty of them and they the access is free! Free is good, especially for sports promotion. Way to go, UK!

What to pay attention when you run in London: there are no water fountains! Take a spare change if you want to grab a bottle of something to drink on your run.

Do you pack your running shoes when you go for a holiday?

Do you inform yourself where to run or you improvise?

What’s the most exotic or far away place you ran?