Treat yo’self.

Life gets crazy sometimes, sometimes it’s so hectic you don’t even realize until you have to stop.

My life was so stressful recently that more than one person asked me how I was doing and I replied that considering it all, I was doing fine. And I really believed that.

Then I had a horrible tooth inflammation, urinary tract infection and strapped a muscle between my ribs. All in one week.

Ok, I said to myself, I believe that I’m fine but apparently my body knows best.

I do take care of myself and I tend to have my own routine but sometimes I lose track and skip some parts of it. And then all of the sudden (which is never all of the sudden) I find myself nervous, all over the place, trying to keep it together.

When I was in South Africa I had some problems with internet connection. Great, you would say, some time for yourself. Yes, the only problem was that I couldn’t have my app for meditation online. Even though I tried to meditate on my own it wasn’t as effective as the guided version I was used to. And then I stopped. At first I didn’t notice any difference but after a few weeks it was clear how uncentered and off the balance I was. Funny thing, I couldn’t make myself to sit and do it again! Finally I started again and I do notice a difference. I’d like to practice it without my phone in the near future. If you have ever tried meditation and failed miserably trust me, I practised for a decent amount of time and never got ‘better at it’ but there’s no such thing like being good at meditation. Some days are better than others, just like your brain.

Another thing I’d like to put into practise is making some order. I’m extremely messy person so ordering my room, cleaning regularly is something that makes me pause for a moment. Having a clean desk can sometimes clean your thoughts as well. I wouldn’t exaggerate with this, I won’t become Marie Kondo all of the sudden. A normal cleaning routine, changing  sheets, putting a fresh lemony oil in my aroma diffuser or just opening wide a window in the morning. An order or cleaning among my contacts. Yep, it’s amazing how clearly you see some connections once you’re in trouble and need help…

I would like to give you a long list of things to put in practice but the reality is I don’t have solutions. In those days I just ask myself what I need, what feels good. I try not to apply mechanically all the trendy things that supposed to make me feel better like yoga, journaling and similar.

You could ask: where’s running in all this? Shouldn’t it be helpful in getting better mentally? Not for me. The more time passes the more running is just running for me. A passion, a great every day stress wipe off but nothing more. If I had a bad day at work a quick run for sure will help me to sweat it off but that’s it. If troubles or stress build up running won’t get me out of this state of mind. Running is cheaper than therapy, they say. Well folks, there’s a reason for that. It’s cheaper because it won’t replace anything. Like comfort food won’t replace comfort so don’t make that mistake either.

Do you notice when you should slow down?

Do you dedicate some time to yourself daily?

What’s your favourite treat? A massage? Day in a SPA? A glass of wine?

Do you have someone you talk to when you feel down?


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