Summer training: why’o’why!

Summer training is the best.

I’m partial because I love summer, heat and mosquitoes. Ok, too much enthusiasm, I love summer and heat, mosquitoes are just a reminder that this is not a heaven on Earth.

You suffer but in a different way. 

You know that runners just love to suffer, we do marathons for fun. But training in heat is something completely different.I don’t know about you but for me it’s the same scenario every year. I’m slower and I find it more difficult to run due to the temperature but I always always always think it’s me, that I’m out of shape. And I go back to those years when I was slower than I am now. And somehow it makes me more humble.

Temperature paradox

As we all know heat is a killer for your speed, muscles (hydration, cramps!) and overall it’s a bummer training like that..but..(talking from personal experience) it’s much better to train in summer heat and then do a race in autumn than train in winter and then do a spring marathon. Simply because if you do well or average in heat you’ll be flying in lower temperatures while training in cold weather will never prepare you for a sudden burst of hot weather in springtime.

Just summer

Forget the temperature,suffering and mosquitoes. There’s so much light, you don’t have to spend half an hour to get dressed to go for a run (winter running, I don’t miss you!), autumn races are so distant and you can always go for a swim or bike ride when it’s too hot to run! 

Do you like running in the summer?

What’s your favourite season for running/training?

Have you already planned your fall races? 


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