Which emotions make you injured?

You’ve probably read a lot of theories on why we get injured and we all look for reasons why once we can’t run. Bad shoes, bad diet, too much running and so on. I’m not going into technicalities as I’m no expert on training, I wanted to gety down to the basic emotions that stands behind ‘too much’ or ‘too soon’


Most of us get get a day or two off running. But we won’t because we’ll going to loose our fitness! And the race is coming in a month so you can’t miss any session, even the easy run! And if you’re not running for two days you’ll get fat and miserable!


Running is about being consistant and patient. Your body has to adapt to the training load, you have to have time to develop muscles that will support you on the run. You have to go through easy runs, bad runs, missed runs, good and glorious runs.

Still a lot of us want to skip the boring and miserable runs. Hint: they will make you strong and resistant. If you don’t love the process think about another hobby.


How much confidence is too much confidence? I guess once you start to think you can do anything without paying a price. Like riunning too much too often because you’re experienced runner and you can pull it off. Or trying new kind of gel/drink on your race because you’ve done too many to count.

Sometimes though you’re too focused on other things and you don’t pay attention. Too much work to stretch or have a good night sleep. Too much to to to foam roll or book that sports massage.

Your body is not an accessory. It can be silent and carry you on for a long time but once you piss it off you’re in real trouble.

What of the above got you into trouble? Impatience? Greed?


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  1. This is a really interesting way to look at things. I think I get in trouble trying to give up with faster runners or doing a workout that’s too hard for me right now. So maybe FOMO is my downfall?

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