I’m looking forward to..

It doesn’t have to be big or revolutionary. All the thigs that keep you excited and smilig when thinking about them. In casual order here are things I’m looking forward to:

New season of ‘She’s gotta have it’. (Netflix)

I’m not a huge follower of TV series, I used to be but now I’m so impatient I can’t even get through the first 3 episodes (I usually give a new serie a ‘3 episodes trial’). I was positively surprised by this one, made like some sort of movies I like, great soundtrack and an interesting main female character. Nola is New York based artist of color and her social life is…well, flourishing. To my pleasant surprise I discovered that it’s made by Spike Lee! Can’t wait for the second season coming soon!

New Skepta album

Some musicians never fail you. And I don’t mean Madonna. I love some good hip hop and I have to say that british hip hop is worth exploring. Skepta is not a newbie on a music scene and he never fails. I pre-ordered his new album coming out 31st of May and the first two singles are as good as always.

‘Igorance is bliss’ out on 31 of May!

European elections

I’m always excited about politics, you’ll never hear me say ‘oh, those politicians, they will promise you things and after the elections they will do the same old thing’. Politics is always an interesting game, I’m listening,watching, I’m worried, terrified, excited but I always participate. And, on Sunday I have actually a candidate I can’t wait to vote! Isn’t that a wonderful perspective?

My next trip

I’m leaving on 5th of June for South Africa. I’m happy and a bit worried at the same time cause I’m travelling alone but I feel this is the right moment to make this trip happen. If not now, when? I’ll tell you all about it soon!

What are you looking for in the next weeks or months? Any running related events?

What’s on your playlist?

Any good netflix serie to recommend?


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