What we’re doing wrong comparing to professional runners?

Once you’re hooked on running, or even before that, you try to have a sneak peek on what pros are doing. Of course we don’t believe we could run as fast but maybe there’s a secret we don’t know about? A perfect shoe or a magical pre-workout snack that will make you faster? I read a few books, listen to different interviews with professionals and here are my conclusions or rather guesses on what we do extremely different in comparison to Mebs of the world

Running too hard on easy runs and too easy on hard runs.

That’s the first one that came to my mind as I’m guilty AF. I don’t know what is it but I have to prove on every run that I can push to a certain pace, doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing or I’m feeling sick. On the other hand when going gets hard, like during an interval training I ….quit easily thinking I just can’t do it. Or maybe I can’t stand the constant pressure considering I’m trying so hard on all my weekly runs? Anyway, professional runners are quite slow on their easy runs comparing to their race or hard sessions and they’re so chill about it.

Me on most of my runs. Just kidding, I sweat much more.

We run and run only

I’m not going to harass you about cross training, we all know the drill: you should do strength training, try to do other sports, ecc.Pro runners do all this but also much more, they go for sports massage, prioritize sleep, eat well,eat to fuel their bodies. They treat their bodies like a lean running machine that deserves attention, we sometimes treat ours like a insubordinate kid that must be punished. We ask ourselves to run be we don’t give back if not in form of food that makes us feel bad and/or guilty afterwards. Don’t treat yourself like a dog, don’t reward yourself with food. Give yourself an additional hour of sleep, massage, stock up your fridge with good quality produce.

We try to emulate professionals but pick the wrong things

What watch do you wear, what shoes? It must be something that you’re having for breakfast that makes you so fast!- these are literally questions pro athletes get in the interviews. People want to know about their morning routine and then the only thing they get out of it is the type of juice someone gets for breakfast.Don’t get stuck on singular, specific thing. It’s not important what exactly they eat, it’s important that is quality food, that caloric intake is matching the energy expenditure. Don’t copy the specific workouts but think about the logic behind the whole plan or just get a coach.

Wherever I travel I seek fruit…

We do same things and expect different results

We go for a run, it goes bad, we archive it and repeat the same thing another day. Pros seem to be more thoughtful about not only racing but training. Did it feel good, if not maybe changing something might get it better. It’s not always ‘your fault’ and even if it is, make changes. Pros very often have training journals, not only to write down the pace but also to write down the sensation from the run. They have courage to slow down or change the specific workout. That’s how you avoid injuries or draw conclusions when they actually happen.

Write down how your day and your training is going, a training journal is a great idea

Do you have a favourite athlete?

Have you ever tried to apply to your workout or daily routine inspired by another athlete? If so, what?



  1. This great.

    I don’t copy any elites but there are local runners that I admire.

    But I do many things wrong like just run…all my runs are easy except races on an don.

    For the most part, I do what seems to work for me based on time, schedules, life and of course AGE.

    1. Seems like a pro approach to me! Have a great weekend!

  2. It took me a really long time to understand the importance of slowing down on runs. Someone close to me is an ultramarathoner and finally got this through my head. Schedule out the days your push yourself and the days you’ll take really easy. It’s not a failure to run easy – it’s necessary. And I’m all about cross-training!

    1. I’ struggling with running slow..maybe because I run after work and I use it to steam off?

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