Weird habits_runner’s edition

Don’t tell me you don’t have one. Runners are superstitious and either we already are creatures of habit of we become ones. Once you start to run you learn that you should have your race routine, pre-race routine, pre morning run routine..anything that will rule out the failure.Of course failure comes but in the midst of routines we create our own weird habits.Here is a small list I heard of

Ironing your running clothes

Not only for the race but for everyday run. I know, I thought that technical t-shirt shouldn’t be ironed but I don’t ironing at all. There are some runners  who will iron all the technical stuff.

Listening to the same lucky playlist.

I admit, it might get a bit boring listening to the same song, I’d love to change my playlist but if you have your lucky song/playlist and it puts you in the right state of mind: why not?

Wearing the same outfit to every race

This might be quite smart move: wearing clothes you know don’t cause you trouble makes your race chaffing free.

Painting your nails red for a race (female version but I don’t judge if you’re man and doing it).

I actually do it (almost always), I love red nails, I feel festive and ready if I have my nails painted red. Do I go crazy if I don’t? I use to, then I ran a few good races without red nail polish and now I’m not panicking, I just like to have them that way.

Running around the block just to cash in the missing meters.

You know that sometimes you ran the usual route but somehow you miss the last 200 meters? Some of us will run till the pgs watch will show the complete distance.

Wearing lucky charm/buffer/you name it/ to a race

It’s the similar logic (if you can put superstition and logic in the same phrase. Oh wait, I just did!) like with a fav playlist or outfit. You feel better wearing it and it reminds you of a good race so you like to have it with you.

Do you have your superstition or habit regarding running?

Are you superstitious at all?

Do you have your running routine? Do you freak out when you miss it or have to change it?



  1. I have never heard of ironing running clothes! Hey if it works for you it works!

  2. Although not necessarily always red, I do (almost always) at least have polish on y nails 😉 I just think it looks nice have the nails looking pretty, a nice little detail. I always wear lipstick, too!

  3. No superstitions over here. I usually don’t race unless I’ve done the training required of the race. I do wear the same racing clothes though – repping my brand is key!

  4. I don’t wear the same outfit for every race but I do have a favorite pair of capris that I love to wear for races!

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