A year in a runner’s calendar

You know that I’m a runner so when I think about my calendar my mind often goes automatically to races, preparation. Still, when I think of these events they’re not the most important ones. They are part of my framework and discipline. Yes, I’m boring, thank you for noticing.


I’m supposed to be ready for a spring marathon because I’ve been training hard in the winter. Well, I always run but the extra weight I carry on after xmas is not helping as well as all the layers of clothes I wear until it’s boiling hot outside. Yes, I’m one of those people you see running in old fashioned tracksuits trying to sweat the fat out. The only difference is that I’m genuinely cold when I start running that’s why I dress like a moron.

Usually my spring marathon is a bit of a failure because I train during cold months and spring starts a day before my marathon. That’s Murphy’s law for runners and it never fails.


I finally switch to shorts and I develop a runner’s tan that means I have white feet and torso and a garmin white stripe on my wrist. I’ve already gave up on having a real even tan, there are worse things.

I suffer a lot running in the hot weather but I love hot weather so I suck it up but for the first two months of summer I can’t believe I’m slower because of the heat, I’m convinced it’s me losing my fitness. Once I get that it’s the weather the summer is over. Damn.


Probably the best moments to run: colors, temperature, the smell of falling leaves. All the summer training is paying off, the running is easier and more often than not the fall marathon is amazing.


Not my favourite time for running: I hate cold, snow and dark and wither gives me all of that and more. Like flu and nonsense sales. I lose my mojo for everything and my favourite activity in winter is sleeping and staying warm. Maybe I’m a bear? That would explain everything.

Anyway, I’m cranky and almost always injured in winter but I overcompensate by signing up for a lots of spring and summer races. It’s easy to imagine yourself running all those kms while sitting under a blanket drinking tea. I’m still running, training, dreaming of spring.

What’s yours running/training year? Any patterns?

Anything different this year? New race or routine?


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  1. Your year looks familiar ! Add to it different pockets of trying to lose weight- also seasonal’

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