5 for Friday

All female Milan Marathon Relay: running for a good cause

This Sunday Milan will be full of runners! Between marathon runners and relay runners there will be few people left on the couch..

Let’s hope they will not stay there, we need some cheering along the way!

This year I run for AISM (Associazione Italiana per Sclerosi Multipla), an Association that helps people affected by multiple sclerosis, both patients and their families. Thanks to my friend Greta I’ll be joining another 3 women in a relay. I have to say that running for good cause is incredible: you feel faster that you really are basically you smile all the way. Finally you’re running not only for your benefit! If you want to donate (what you pay for your regular coffee would be great!), please follow the link https://bit.ly/2IcFMRx

Green monster: my shake full of goodness

You know I love my fruits and veggies but I’m not a big fan of fruit juices as they have little to no fibre. Recently I found myself in an emergency: I had to process a bunch of oranges that started to go bad (nice problem to have, I know).

That’s how I created a Green Monster: oranges blended with a lot of fresh spinach and some fresh ginger. If you don’t like spinach trust me you won’t feel the taste of it! Vit C from oranges will help to absorb iron from the spinach and ginger will do some good as well and give you that sharp, ‘zingy’ taste!

Reading: a bit of spookiness and of course running

I have two new books on my Kindle and I love them so far! The first one ‘A skinful of shadows’ is a very well written spooky story. I’m not a fantasy of horror lover and this one is not a typical ghost story. It’s about a girl living in England around English Civil War, a girl with a particular gift, trying to deal with it the best she can. The synopsis will probably won’t make you want to read it but trust me, it’s a great story!

‘The way of the runner’ is an incredible book: it’s not about Kenyan runners or obese people becoming runners! That alone should sold that for you!

Seriously, this book tells a story of fenomenon:running in Japan. I knew japanese runners were fast but I had no idea how fast and that running was such a big deal there. You probably heard of ekiden, a relay running in a japanese corporations but I bet you didn’t know that the big companies have professional running teams! I’m getting into this book and if you’re like me, a running nerd, you’d like it as well!

Coconut oil

I’ve already told you I use coconut oil everyday but now I’ve found another use: taking off my makeup. I’ve tried that method a while ago and it didn’t go well and now I know why. Simply the coconut oil I had before was not of a great quality..The one I’m using now is simply divine. I put a small amount on my face, makeup simply melts off and I take everything with a small cloth damped previously in warm water. Then I normally wash my face with soap. Works incredibly!


I love summer even more but I have to say that spring, longer days and everything that blossoms makes me very excited for each day! I love light, I’m addicted to it so springtime makes me feel so positive even if not everything is perfect 😉 Few weeks ago I went for my first bike ride of the season and I can’t wait for another one!


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