Motivation lie

I have a strange feeling that before the social media era we were not bombarded with the idea of motivation. Of course everyone knew that you have to be motivated to accomplish something but the ‘where to get your motivation’ or ‘how to stay motivated’ posts and articles were not so nagging.

You can’t ask others for motivation, you can’t get it from somewhere like you get healthy fats from nuts. You can watch Phelps in the under armour ad, you can listen to  ‘chariots of fire’ but in the end it’s like a shot of espresso. A quick pick-me-up. A reminder why you do what you do.

Nobody can give you your motivation or make it last, your motivation is your ‘reason why’.

Waking up at 5 am to go for a run.

Not buying a pair of shoes and saving money.

Not having a drink or two and waking up the next day without a hangover

Reading and researching on a specific subject.

Anything that makes sense for you. Others might not get it but it doesn’t matter.

It must be important enough for you.

I love running. When I see someone running I feel jealous it’s not me even if I already ran on that day. I try not to make running my identity but inevitably it became a huge part of who I am.

Still there are days I have no desire to run.

Rarely but they appear like a sneaky little grey cloud on a blue sky that no one invited.

Do I stop running? Do I give myself a free day? Maybe I should and I give that advice to all runners who seem to have lost their running mojo. I also don’t ask myself why I run even if I should. Running  became a habit, daily pattern so natural like taking a shower and just like a shower I treat it like a part of my hygiene. Mental hygiene.

Running is not something that I loved from the first step but once I came to like it it was already engraved into me.

So when I lack motivation I don’t ask myself why I run or should I take the day off.Just because. I might be making a mistake but I like it. If you, on the other hand, are looking for a motivation believe me if I say: motivation doesn’t count. Sure, it’s a nice spice for your daily routine and it’s important to have a goal, but motivation is overrated.

Consistency is key. Keep showing up. Every damn day.


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