Food trends: do you follow?

If you pay attention to new healthy crazes on Instagram or Youtube you probably know that celery juice is the new black. Celery prices are going over the roof because someone made a claim that celery juice will change your health.

I guess eating more vegetables is always better than having less of them and green juice a day won’t hurt anyone.

Do you want to have a brief round of recent health trends with me? Let’s see what’s been going on recently in the fitness world.

Celery juice

To juice or not to juice…

It supposed to help you with

  • Inflammation
  • Gut health
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Pay your taxes (I was just checking if you were reading)

From what I read and heard from  people who had it form some weeks it can be good to your health. In my opinion though any vegetable juice is low in fructose, has a lot of vitamins. So if you fancy a celery juice (a round of applause), go for it, you can’t go wrong with vegetable juice. I think that like with all of Instagram trends there’s no solid proof (aka long term research non based on animals) to prove its miracle benefits.

Chia seeds

They became healthy few years back among runners as a perfect source of Omega 3 and a great way to stay hydrated. Why? If you ever put chia seeds in a liquid you’ll know that they absorb it. So if you add them to your smoothie, porridge or even water you’ll ingest a sort of gelatin consistency. In theory that could keep you more satiated for longer. It’s like a gift that keep on giving. Plus they are a source of micro nutrients and vitamins like zinc or phosphorus. They do contain Omega 3 but the short- chained ones (ALA) that must be converted into long-chained Omega 3 (EPA and DHA) before our body can use them.

And they are still quite expensive, rightly so because they grow in Central America.

Superfoods, both because of the way they are sourced (high standards cost) and because they support local agriculture shouldn’t be cheap.

Are they worth the hype? Yes, but if you want add Omega 3 to your diet take flax seeds as they contain more Omega 3.

Grind them in the blender and add to your salad, smoothie. Hydration? There’s no way around it. Drink water, eat fruits!

Intermittent fasting

Again, I’m a fan of intermittent fasting,meaning a way of eating where you alter the period (or a window) in which you eat with a period when you don’t. I theory we all do that every day, that’s why we break fast every morning after hours of non eating. Still, real benefits of fasting can be obtained after at least 10 hours of not eating. What are they?

  • Your muscles adapt better to burn fat
  • Improvement of gut hormones levels and insulin sensitivity: that’s why intermittent fasting is often advised to diabetics
  • Your body uses better the surplus of the energy from the food

These are the main ones but definitely not the only ones.The thing with IF is that it’s not a weight loss diet and so many people think it is. It can help you to improve your hunger levels but it won’t do the work for you!

I have to be honest, I’m a fan of all of above mentioned trends, they will do you no harm and potentially can make you healthier. Try them, maybe they will work for you. What I always ask from myself and others is critical thinking. No one gives you a free pass on that. Don’t bottle down juice and expect to be healed. Check your sources, don’t take anyone’s word for it, not even mine. I’m not a dietitian, I just like nutrition, I read. Do your own research!



  1. Great Post!!!!! I don’t know I missed you having a blog! Funny because I do not like celery at all but my friends have been raving about it. Maybe I’ll
    Try again but it must be mixed with something else! Bleh! Research is key!!

    1. I always go for celery, not the juice! TBH celery juice make me gag!

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