Packing for a race

I normally pack in one bag but by normally I mean not for a race.Do I even travel anymore if not for a race? Anyway..if you have this problem I think I might have a solution

What you actually need?

Make a race list and if you don’t have an app for this download a…grocery shopping list, mine is called MyGroceries (#shocking) and it works just fine both for shopping and for race packing.

Take no more than 2 sets of clothing for the race, it’s not a beauty contest. If the weather changes drastically you might get something from the race expo. Hint: check out if you have everything once arrived at the hotel and before heading out for the race expo.

Recap: you need your running clothes, energy gels, of course your shoes and other gadgets like cap, gloves, chafing gel, gps watch and charger for it.

And of course your shoes. My personal advice if you take plane for the race: always put your shoes in the hand luggage. If your main luggage gets lost you can always buy running clothes but buying and running in the new pair of shoes is a bad bad bad idea.

Imagine them gone..

What should be on your ‘emergency list’?
Ahhh, emergencies. Don’t we love them. All the unplanned problems like gut issues, flu, sore throat. You might notice that I mention all possible health issues. The thing is all the other running related emergencies you can resolve easily aka buy stuff. If you, on the other hand, have fever, something you ate made you puke, ecc. it’s better to have something on hand. I know, I sound like a grandma. Call me running grandma.

Things I put on my emergency list? Painkillers,pills for urinary infections and anti-fever pills. You might say that if you need those you shouldn’t run and you’re probably right. Sometimes you’ll decide non to run and it’s ok, sometimes you take one pill and your ready to go the day after . No matter what will be your choice you still need a pill

A ‘nice-to-have’ list

Not so important as emergency list but I would argue that you still need to think about it. It’s all about relaxing and feeling a bit less overwhelmed and more like at home when you’re away. You know best how to achieve it. For me it’s a herbal tea and a good book the night before, for you it might me and essential oil or your favorite good mood play list. Something to chill is easy to find, just remember to take it with you!

My go-to de-stress set before the race

What’s on your list to pack for a race?

Do you have an emergency list?

How do you relax before the race?


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