Who are you looking for on social media?

I’ve been shying away from social media recently.

Because I got bored and annoyed.

We all know that Instagram photos are not all real, most of them are filtered and for many people it’s a daily job so they work hard on light, angle and perfect shot.

I know and still I got bored of people who yesterday were normal and today they’re trying to sell me proteins.

So I stop following or paying attention to merchandise and I ask myself

Who do I look for on social media?

A lot of people I follow on social media are athletes, entrepreneurs or creatives so mostly people that inspire me, that are in the position I’d like to be one day. I look into their insights, I look for their advice and I’m jealous in a healthy way. What it means? I envy but at the same time I think how to get one day in that same spot they are in.

Then I follow people who are not super humans but make me smile and never fake a smile themselves.

Sometime though I have a weak moment and all I want is peace and quiet and I don’t mind being vulnerable.

That’s why people I follow must be authentic. If they show me 24 hours of their day or 7 days of their week I can’t believe it’s all smiles and roses. I’m not looking for drama so I don’t need to see your tears but don’t sell me motivational quotes all the time. Authenticity, weakness and getting up after you fell. And celebrating your victories.

You might say I look for a real life online while we all know real life is elsewhere. Social media are a huge part of my life so yes, I want realness on social media as well. I look for humor, art, information and opinion. There are no more boundaries between real and online life and we’d better get used to it and make online world better.

I don’t mind people having their accounts set like a pieces of art but that’s quite evident and you know what to expect. I don’t mind people putting some filters on their photos or telling their stories in a certain way.

Just tell your story, choose your filter, choose your soundtrack but be true.



  1. I am looking for real people. People I can connect with and “talk” to. I wish social media wasn’t the way it’s become and I wish blogging hadn’t become so commercial. I wish blogging was way more organic; that people followed and commented because they liked what you had to say, or that they could relate to you, or that they enjoyed the mutual support. SM and blogging I find is a real challenge. I always do my best to keep things real. With my running, my weight issues, my mental health. All of it.

    So I connect with other athletes or people who like to travel and eat good food. People who appreciate art and music. I have started unfollowing people who never engage with me. I don’t want to just “follow” someone – I want to connect on both sides.

    1. So true, I feel like SM evolved so much and I’m still naive and hoping for real connection. But I guess we have to be optimistic and do our thing, to prove that I have to say your blog is one of the few I read on regular basis. It’s not fake, it’s your life.

  2. Thank you for saying that! Yes we just have to continue doing our thing. A couple of real connections is better than a ton of fake ones. x

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