Stereotypes about runners

How many times you’ve read an article on what people who are not runners hate about people who run? Runners brag  about running all the time, spend too much money and time on training and so on.

You know what? It’s not so easy to be a runner as well. We roll eyes every time we’re asked how long is the marathon and if we run every day and if we won the last race we’ve participated in. Because we’re tired being asked the same sometimes, let’s face it, really ignorant questions. Oh, I shouldn’t probably say that but common sense is for free. I don’t ask a mother if she wants to spend every second of her day with her children, or a fitness coach if he/she never eats chocolate.. Let me get through a short list of questions we get:

  1. You run you should have a professional runner’s body. That’s also a reason some people are afraid to start running, they’re just intimidated. And even if you run for number of months or years you don’t have to look like an athlete the way you imagine it. We’re tall, we’re small, lean, robust or overweight. We gain weight, we loose weight, we get injured and we’re out of form, then we get snatched or we don’t. Running is a privilege not an obligation. Some of us treat it less serious others get religious about training. We’re very diversified among us.
  2. If you run you should be fast. But we’re not professionals. Our capabilities changes as we get older, as we get stressed or have a blissful period of happiness and less stress.
  3. You’re runner, you have to run all the time. Actually rest is a part of training. To be honest even if I ran in the morning I will get jealous if I see someone running later that day but I think I’d hate running every day. Time off is a good idea both for your body and your brain.
  4. How come you take elevator, you’re runner. Because I’m tired. I do take the stairs quite often but yes, we runners do get lazy and we don’t think about our fitness all the time.
  5. You’re a runner, you ran a New York City Marathon, right? It’s one of the most popular marathons in the world and for sure someone who has a vague idea about racing has definitely heard about NYCM. Most of the runners would like to run it, some people who would like to run only one marathon in their lives will choose that one. This doesn’t mean though all runners have done it, there are millions of other, even more prestigious, races
  6. Marathon? You know, the first guy who did it actually died. Not true, Philippides was a professional and he ran more that a distance of a marathon, according to our standards he ran an ultramarathon and he survived as he was trained to run long distances. His job was to deliver messages on foot and horses ha to be spared for other tasks.
  7. You think less of all non-runners. No, we don’t. More time passes less we want to talk about running as we want to have other friends, non-runners and running is such a  natural of our life we don’t feel the need to talk about it all the time.

The conclusion would be that we don’t expect of people who don’t run to know all about running but we don’t like to be judged by the cover, that is our bodies, shoes and the term ‘runner’.

Knowing how long is a marathon is kind of basic knowledge, for the rest: be open and tolerant.  Maybe one day you could go out for a run and once you’re one of us!


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