mental game

How you master your mental game for a race?


If you don’t know what a mental game is don’t feel guilty, I just made it up. It means being mentally strong and prepared for the race day or even the long run.

I’d better do a half marathon before Paris Marathon and I realized that racing rally scares me at the moment (which is a great discovery after you registered for a marathon in april and for another race in July…) not because I’m not physically ready. I’m not at my peak form and I’d probably wouldn’t PR but I wouldn’t perform badly either. It’s just ‘heavy on my head’. And I don’t know if it’s because of speed and all the kms or it’s just my private issues, real life problems weighting on my running.


Overall I’m in the ‘meh’  mood ‘cause I feel like my running is going nowhere, I feel slow and it’s not changing for months now!


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