Book review: eat sweat play

I took a liking to non fiction only recently and it was because  of the running related books.


I heard about “Eat sweat play” few times from a non running women and admittedly I snobbed it. Because reasons.


Well I thought that’s the book about how sports can be fun written for women who don’t like sports. So I never thought of reading it. Months later I read an extract from the book and it wasn’t actually bad. I bought the book and it was one of the more interesting books I read in the last months.


What is it about?


Women and their relationship with sports. Amateurs or professionals we all have to face the same problems.

Everyday women often think that sport is for men or that they won’t like it (after almost always horrible school experience) or, even if they finally get into physical activity, they still feel bad that they won’t be feminine enough while sweating.

Professional athletes have to face the femininity issue plus the amenorrea or how the period affect their performance. This last issue is still not addressed by the coaches if not by advising a pill to suppres period. Can you believe that Paula Radcliffe has to think about it? Well, we all do.


New things I learnt, new things I remember.

Apart from the chapter about period and athletes I will remember that even if you’re a pro it still counts if you’re pretty or not (in the eyes of media and public). When Venus Williams was winning all there was to win it was ….. Who was signing all the major sponsorship contracts. Venus was called names because she was considered masculine.


Who is it for?

Honestly: for everyone. At least for every woman. I thought it would be only for women who are reluctant to move but..I was really pleasantly surprised.
More books like this! Go and read it!


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