Should you run even if you’re not motivated?

I see quite often articles about how to find your motivation to move. It seems like is so hard to find it you should buy books, listen to podcasts,music and sound advices to get it. And then you should do things you don’t want to.

The situation is different when you already run/swim/bike or do triathlon. Sometimes you’re just tired or stressed or you’ve trained too much. The day is not right, the light either. And shoes. Because shoes. Once it passes you’ll be back because you like it or love it. Of course it can happen that you won’t come back but it’s just the sign that it wasn’t meant to be, not not or ever.

Now we come to the situation when you’ve never run before but you think you should. Health, happiness, medal, few pounds down: it all makes you think that you should do it.
Well, it’s tricky.

Personally I think falling in love with running is not immediate.

There’s a chance you won’t like running.
And it’s ok. Running is not the most effective way to keep yourself fit. It’s the activity of your choice. I strongly believe everyone has it but maybe not everyone knows it. Look for it, try different things. It could be walking, cross fit, weight lifting, swimming or even zumba. Well..I’d give swimming a go before going to zumba but it’s your choice.



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