The secret of the perfect marathon

I’ve been away for a while…I was quite busy with , my training, complaining about my training and wondering why my training is going so bad.
When it came to the race day it all went marvellous. Ok, almost, but it was 96% great and I had my (unexpected) PR so I shouldn’t complain.
My 13th marathon (Venice Marathon) went great: the weather was perfect, I wanted to pee just for the first 10 km , I liked the views all the way and even that I started to feel tired at the 35 km I really didn’t care. Probably because I really enjoyed everything. Well, the nagging pain in my right shin was the only cloud on the sky but I decided to go on.
3h45min, I still look at this result like it was someone else’s but after 2 weeks from the race I have to recognise (with pride) that yes, it’s mine and I made it.



This was one of the few perfect races that I had in my short running career and I wondered why. Well, PR. Of course it’s not compulsory but it helps.

*Don’t stress too much.*

It’s not that you shouldn’t care but I noticed that I perform better when I’m focused and ready to do my best but PR is not crucial for me. Like few years ago during my Rome Marathon I wanted to run well but I knew that the course is too demanding to run fast. And every time I wanted to beat my own record I was so concentrated on the pace that I got myself dehydrated.

*Trust your training*

My training for this marathon was far from perfect. I put on all the miles, I ran all the long runs but it wasn’t always the perfect pace and I had to handle different personal issues. I was exhausted from travelling, moving and it was hard to tell where it was all going. My pace and mood were all over the place and even running wasn’t helping (though having a scheldue was). Still, I did my homework. Once you did everything you possibly could with the time and energy you had you shouldn’t be to hard on yourself. Just be faithful that all the miles and all the foam rolling, abs and carbo loading didn’t go to waste. Everything else is beyond you so don’t worry.

*Prepare, prepare, prepare and when in trouble: improvise*

You should do whatever you can to be prepared so you can feel comfortable. Training,clothes, gels, hydration: prepare it all. Then remember that you can expect everything from a marathon. Still, the improvisation is the privilege of those who studied more than the others. Be focused, determined, don’t give up but be prepared to accept what the day gives you.


…and have some fun. It’s only running.


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