best things in life aren’t things


Yesterday morning I went for a short run. I had to wake up quite early (for my standards) and although I woke up fairly easily my legs didn’t collaborate. I was too sleepy to dwell too much on this but still I wasn’t very happy with my pace.

Later that day, I realised that that was my third day in a row of consecutive workouts. The day before I ran, two days before I rode 100km on my road bike. So on third day I was a bit tired, achy (of course stretching is the first thing I’ll skip #guiltteam).

I took my Training Diary and I looked up what I was doing exactly the year before. I was running few times a week for about half an hour as I was fresh out of serious injury. My body was getting used to effort and it was rebelling against me. Big time.

Running, training injury free is a gift. Or maybe it’s a thing you must work hard to achieve. Either way, once you’re in a injury free zone be happy, appreciate it, celebrate it with an easy run, rest day, yoga session, bowl of fruits or a nice glass of great wine. I’m really good when it comes to ‘celebrate ideas’, let me know if you need some more.

While I’m writing this I’m on a sofa trying to have a moment for myself after a bit hectic day. My living room is even more messy than usual because I’m preparing for a move to London and we have to gather in one place all the bits and bobs. As a result we live in total chaos for few days just transport the mess to the new apartment. Don’t get me wrong, my middle name is Mess, so I don’t feel totally bad with it but I feel a bit overwhelmed. You can’t buy this feeling of carelessness when your biggest dilemma is what’s for dinner.

There are some things in life that make it whole or just better. It’s a puzzle and sometimes I don’t even realise it’s there. Hey, I’m not saying money is not important. It just falls into different category.

It was inevitable, this post is extremely cheesy. I’ll post something serious and professional next time.


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