Checking in_ how I’m doing?

Instead of telling you who I am and why I want to create my blog I’d better give you some insight on where I am at the moment and what is happening in my life. Everything else will come as I tell my story. That’s what I imagine is ‘hit the ground running’ means.

I’m currently in Milan. In about month I’ll be moving to London (don’t even get me started on weather situation) to start my life there all over again.

Scary? Exciting? Both. I guess I’m getting older because I think more often about scary parts instead of exciting bits. I tell myself I have to move: mentally and phisically. Once you feel too comfortable for too long it’s time for a change.

I can’t wait to discover London. I’ve been there few times but it’s a completely different story one you live somewhere. I haven’t told you I love travelling. I hope to travel more in the next months and I’d love to tell you about it.

Last week I came back from a week long trip to London, more like a house-hunting expedition. I mean, you have to live somewhere, right? I used that time to go for a few runs in Regent’s Park. Have I told you I love running? I do and every time I arrive at a new destination I have to find out where to run. You’ll definitely find a lot about running on this blog (spoiler alert, sorry not sorry).

Another thing I can’t live (at least live well) without is travelling. I like going to new places or coming back to places I know but I dread the travel itself: getting to the airport, train station ecc. I wish  tele transportation existed. No, Star Trek is not a real thing.

We already have Siri and other weird and somewhat not useful stuff so teletransportation should have been invented by now.
My iPod is the only thing that saves me during a travel, my Kindle app to be exact. At the moment I’m reading Elena Ferrante “Storia del nuovo cogome” (“The story of the New Name”) and an exert of “Shoe dog” by Phil Knight which is a memoir of the creator of Nike. I’ll think I’ll buy the book, it surprisingly well written (a lot of sports related books are laking of style IMHO).

That’s it for now, I don’t want to overthink my first post, the guy who sells me produce at the local market says ‘don’t think, the more you think the worse you choose’. He meant peaches. No depth intended.


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